"The Velvet Book, In the Beginning" is the first book in a Young Adult (YA) fantasy adventure series by author Jacqueline Verze-Reeher. This Kindle e-book was approximately 195 printed pages and sold for $4.99 at time of writing this review.

Please Note: I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

General Theme (minor spoilers)
Fate has thrown together four young teens at Saint Statisquo’s Boarding School for Boys and Girls. And unknown to each of them, they all bear the unique mark of 'the Scar of Blade'... a skin marking that identifies them as the potential saviors of the world of Mirunder. Set initially on St. Statisquo's campus and then on Mirunder after our 4 heroes are kidnapped and transported there via a mysterious portal. Thus begins Amy, Melody, John and James' adventure...

Some thoughts on "The Velvet Book... "

This is a novel in the YA genre and features some YA story-telling at its best. A tale, I believe, meant for the tween to mid-teen reader and maybe slanted a little towards a younger female audience... and maybe reflected in the choice of image on the front cover.

A book filled with magic, travel, battles, encounters, and reckless deeds of daring-do. Whether it be the good guys of the bad guys there is alway something going on... some plotting or scheming that makes for an exciting and thrilling, action packed story that has little down time.

It even has a rudimentary map to help with distance, direction and topography... bravo.

As a YA novel... 5 Stars.

Ray Nicholson